Edamame 3.99
Jelly Fish Salad 4.99
Seaweed Salad 4.99
Cucumber Salad 2.99
Sweet Potato Fries 4.99
Baby Octopus 9.99
Mixed Tempura 7.99
Shrimp Tempura 8.99
Vegetable Tempura 5.99
Squid Karaage Kushi 4.99
House Wings 5.99
Tokyo Wings 5.99
Shumai 4.99
Pork Gyoza 4.99
Vegetable Gyoza 4.99


Shabu Shabu includes rice, dipping sauce(s), and a mixed vegetable platter
medium(m)6oz large(l)8oz extra-large(xl)10oz

Flavored broth is additional $3
Snake River Farm Wagyu Rib Eye (s)34.99 (m)44.99 (l)54.99 (xl)64.99

quality Kobe beef that is beautifully marbled for juiciness and flavor that will melt in your mouth

Snake River Farm Wagyu Chuckeye (m)21.99 (l)24.99 (xl)29.99

highly marbled with an intense Kobe flavor, tender and juicy

Wagyu Beef Chuckeye Roll (m)15.99 (l)18.99 (xl)21.99

new & popular! well marbled, rich flavor 100% all-natural wagyu beef. no hormones or antibiotics. raised in A NEVER EVER PROGRAM.

Wagyu Lean Cut (m)14.99 (l)17.99 (xl)20.99

perfect for lean option without compromising the Kobe quality

Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye (m)19.99 (l)23.99 (xl)27.99

highly marbled, juicy, fine grained steak. one of the most tender beef cuts

Certified Angus Beef Short Ribs (m)15.99 (l)18.99 (xl)21.99

highly marbled, tender, juicy and meaty. very flavorful and bite-sized

Angus Beef Bacon Cut (m)15.99 (l)18.99 (xl)21.99

beef belly, fatty bacon-like beef with bold flavor

Kurobuta Pork (m)13.99 (l)16.99 (xl)19.99

celebrated in Japan and around the world! “Dark” white meat, flavorful and juicy. not your ordinary pork

All Natural Jidori Free Range Chicken (m)14.99 (l)17.99 (xl)20.99

celebrated in Japan and around the world! the all-natural free-range chicken breast

Premium Colorado Lamb (m)16.99 (l)19.99 (xl)22.99

an all-natural free-range corn-fed lamb, very tender, and extremely flavorful

Mixed Seafood (m)18.99 (l)22.99 (xl)26.99

chilean salmon, shell & head-on shrimp, New Zealand’s mussel, and kamaboko (Japanese ground fish)

Veggie Lover (m)13.99 (l)16.99

wide arrangement of vegetables. napa cabbage, spinach, chrysanthemum leaf, sweet onion, broccoli, sweet corn, enoki mushroom, shiitake
mushroom, oyster mushroom, pumpkin, tofu, ice tofu, carrot, green onion, wakame, fresh udon, glass noodle, all seasonal

Shabu Shabu & Flavored Broth

(v) vegetarian option (s) spicy option

Flavored broth is additional $3
Shabu Shabu

traditional Japanese dashi kombu boiling water, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Sukiyaki (s)

warishita sweet soy sauce, sake, served with a raw pasterurized egg dipping sauce

Tonkotsu Pork Bone (s)

ramen pork bone broth with spices and fresh gourmet ramen, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Pork Miso (s)

miso, pork broth, ramen, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Spicy Pork Miso

spicy miso, pork broth, ramen, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Veggie Tomato (v)(s)

roma tomato, garden vegetable, chicken broth, served with bbq sauce

Spicy Kimchi

angus beef, chicken, pork, kimchi, chili, egg, served with bbq sauce

Yellow Curry (v)(s)

garlic, turmeric, chili, spices, coconut milk, served with bbq sauce

Tom Yum (v)

garlic, chili, lemon grass, spices, served with cilantro sweet spicy sauce

Creamed Corn

corn, onion, parsley, cream, chicken broth, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Sha Cha BBQ

satay bbq, pork broth, served with golden fish ball with fish roe filling, bbq sauce

French Onion

Our version of the French Classic in beef broth, served with fresh udon, goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Japanese Curry (v)

curry powder, spices, served with Japanese red pickle

Miso (v)

miso served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Pork Broth (s)

House made pork broth, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Beef or Chicken Broth (s)

All natural, gluten-free non-gmo or MSG, served with goma-dare and ponzu sauce

Side Order



SRF Wagyu Rib Eye 29.99/39.99/49.99/59.99
SRF Wagyu Chuckeye 11.99/15.99/19.99/23.99
Wagyu Chuckeye Roll 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
CAB Rib Eye 11.99/15.99/19.99/23.99
CAB Short Rib 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Wagyu Lean Cut 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Kurobuta Pork 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Jidori Chicken 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Premium Colorado Lamb 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Angus Beef Bacon Cut 7.99/10.99/13.99/16.99
Vegetable 2.99 ea.

Choice of Napa Cabbage, Seaweed, Asparagus, Zucchini, Pumpkin, Broccoli, Spinach, Green Onion, Onion, Carrot, Daikon, Chrysanthemum Leaf or Corn

Tofu 3.49 ea.

Choice of Regular, Fried Tofu or Sponge Ice Tofu

Mixed Veggie Platter 5.99
Seafood 7.99 ea.

Choice of Salmon, Mussel, Shrimp, White Fish, Kamaboko

Mixed Seafood (m)13.99 (l)16.99
Egg 1.00
Japanese Noodle 2.99 ea.

Choice of Fresh Ramen, Fresh Udon or Harusame

Mushroom 3.99 ea.

Choice of Enoki, Oysters or Shitake

Fishball 3.49
Golden Fishball 3.99
Chilean Salmon 7.99

Ala Carte

Soup base, rice, sauce(s) $3/person


Japanese Ice Cream 2.49

green tea, red bean, or vanilla, & cookie

Mochi Ice Cream Platter 6.99

green tea, mango, and strawberry

Coke or Ice Cream Float 3.99

coke or root beer with vanilla, green tea, or red bean ice cream

Banana Tempura with Ice Cream 5.99

fried banana, chocolate and/or fruit syrup, Japanese ice cream

Xango with Ice Cream 7.99

fried cheese cake wrapped in flaky pastry crust, cinnamon sugar, Japanese ice cream

UCC Hot or Iced Coffee 2.99

freshly brewed, cream, sugar syrup

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